Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer loving 2.

Well folks , It's a real scorcher of a day here! This is what's up:

1. Murray's feature was a complete success! He's on his way home and should have even arrived in Long Beach by now. To keep up on his further adventures visit : www.GMurraythomas.com

2. Here's a website that lists PAYING Poetry publishers :


3. The folks at the Poetry Super Highway have started their summer contest. $1.00 per poem entry fee but this is the only contest I've ever heard of where the producers try and get a prize for everybody who enters and not just the winners.  visit : Http://www.poetrysuperhighway.com   and click on the contest link for more info.

4. Saturday Night Special, an east bay open mic Saturday, July 30 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location Nick's Lounge 3218 Adeline St. Berkeley, California Created By Hollie Hardy, Tomas Moniz.  Come join us the last Saturday of every month for an evening of literary performance, including a guest reader, a nightly drink special, and an open mic. Schmooze with other writers from the Bay Area as we share, support, and encourage our practice...Don't miss our inaugural event featuring the fabulous fictions of
Rose Tully!..Saturday, July 30th 7 - 9 pm Nick's Lounge (21+)3218 Adeline St. Berkeley, CA
(one block from Ashby BART)FREE! But bring CASH if you want to buy drinks Hosted by Hollie Hardy & Tomas Moniz.ROSE TULLY is a writer, teacher and discoverer of the moon, which she spotted in space, with a great deal of excited pointing, and has never been the same since. She is currently looking for other discoverers of the moon to compare notes with. Rose was selected for the RADAR Lab 2010 Retreat in Akumal, Mexico. Rose got her MFA in Creative Writing at San Francisco State, where she received the Leo Litwak Award in Fiction, and where she taught for one semester. This year two of Rose's fiction stories have found homes, one in San Francisco State's 100th Anniversary edition of Transfer, and another in University of Wisconsin Press's Windy City Queer: Dispatches From the Third Coast.

 That's all for this week!  Here's a poem and the book links :
by Lawrence R. Berger 
There is a reason for everything!
My mother insisted that we go to a
Laundromat that we have not been to in a year
because someone stole a comforter straight out of the machine
the last time we were there.
I was wary but she insisted and since she was driving we went.
It turns out  that the Chinese lady who ran the place
was very happy to see us!
The reason being  she had found the comforter
in the machine next to the one we had claimed it was stolen from
and had been saving it for us all this time!
She had been scared too because it meant
that she was not safe in her own shop! 
if someone was desperate enough to steal laundry
out of the machine what would they do to her? 
We found out she goes by Kathy in English
and we'll be washing our rugs there exclusively now as long as she keeps it open!
you never know where you'll find a true friend! 
Neat huh? yet absolutely true! 
Here are the book links: 

and finally there are two "collectors edition " copies of Working title, an anthology from a contest I ran a few years back, at  Liftbridge books in Brockport, NY contact Joe Hoffman at: jhoffman@liftbridgebooks.com   for details.
See you next week.

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