Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's THIS SUNDAY already! Wow!

Hi folks:
 Well we've made it till yule without the world getting blown up!  I'm sure it has not been for the lack of effort of those trying to do so,  but more due to the fact that those trying to stop them have had greater success and I for one am grateful because it gives me the time to write this blog and do other things than grab guns and fight to survive! so to all of you who serve on behalf of the rest of us :

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

Now on to this weeks blog post.:

1.  It has been suggested that reminders for this newsletter be sent out via an opt- in list serve rather than direct e-mails to the folks on my lists. So I figured I'll give it a shot . Here's the link if you want to opt-in  subscribe  or you can tell me if you prefer emails.

2. Most venues are closed for the holidays so enjoy a relaxing week with family and friends.

Here's a poem to round it out.

The Yule 2011
By Laughing Larry Berger

The weather chills and we find that 
the temperature is STILL warmer than
a snowflake can find tolerable and we're in
for a green Christmas this year.

one war has ended after 10 years
there are many other things which have finished too.

we lost a lot of special people this year 
and gained a few more.

May your log burn brightly enough to embrace all of 2012!

Neat huh?  books make great last minute shopping gifts!

here are the links:

And as promised till 12/31/11 I'm still running the poll. here's that info :

There are already an awful lot of contests that exist anyway but running one was fun and I'm willing to do It

 again if you'd want me  to so here's the question: the average literary contest pays out $500.00 to  winner and cost $20.00 to enter. 

If I were to start up the contest would you be willing to submit and pay the fee or not? 

we've still got 1 week to go till the end of the year but if you have not already responded, Please get back to me on this ASAP . My e-mail is You can also leave 

your comments on this or any other blog related issues by clicking on the word"comments" at the bottom of this page

see you next week .

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