Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Well , this is the last blog of 2011!

Hi folks : Well, we made it through the beginning of the HA- HA day season! It runs  from October 11th ( (Columbus day) straight up through February 15Th of the following year! ( The day after  Valentine's  Day for those of you keeping score. )  Did you get what you wanted for Xmas or Hanukkah? Soon we start a new year. Where will you be reading then? Remember, I only post what I get sent or comes across my computer! If  I don't know about it I can't post it! There are no readings this week because of year end activities so send me some for next time, okay?

Here's a poem for you:

 New year new rules
By "laughing" Larry Berger

We've all got to make a living some how
the bills got to get paid and not just in
beer and pizza! 

Home may be a park bench but at least its dry
compared to the snowbank next door

Poets should not have to die to become great
musicians neither
yet who can argue with Graceland or Dollywood? 

Hey It just dawned on me 
Dolly Parton IS still alive!

I guess some of the great ones do make it while they're breathing!

My resolution for the new year is to do the same!

Whats yours? 

neat huh? here's the links for the books and the last chance at the poll.




And as promised till 12/31/11 I'm still running the poll. here's that info :
There are already an awful lot of contests that exist anyway but running one was fun and I'm willing to do It
 again if you'd want me  to so here's the question: the average literary contest pays out $500.00 to  winner and cost $20.00 to enter. 
If I were to start up the contest would you be willing to submit and pay the fee or not? 
we've still got 1 week to go till the end of the year but if you have not already responded, Please get back to me on this ASAP . My e-mail is laughingl@yahoo.com. You can also leave your comments on this or any other blog related issues by clicking on the word"comments" at the bottom of this page

see you next week.

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Risa Ruse said...

I saw a woman on TV who announced that, "This is just my day job" because her passion is in being an Artist. That's when it hit me that no matter how much money we make (or not) at our "passion" it is in doing such that we are successful and fulfilled. Life is a journey we must all take, but enjoying it while we walk is the decision we must make.
Here's an inspirational poem for the New Year I just published at this link to share for those that may care: 'Kick Out PTSD Thinking and Celebrate New Beginnings' has been accepted: http://GoArticles.com/article/5861973
May you have what your heart desires,