Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 (From the collection Songs For A land)

The wilderness and the solitary place 
Shall be glad for them; and the desert shall 
Rejoice and blossom as a rose. 
The desert rose, will welcome us.

She split the stone wide away, 
She gave her heart unto our hands,
A rose, a ruby red and gold, pale pink 
And cream, honey and wine, nectar of peach, 
Orange and lemon.

She welcomed us, painted pale in muted 
Tones of vivid formations
Wilderness wild
Solitary place.

You mystic, men of yore, 
Come here to see our mirage desert 
A long stemmed rose is gladdened 
For them, for us,
She sings she dances and rejoices
In the way of a bride.

For the ground shall become a pool,
The thirsty land springs of water.

She lifts her head in song
And bends in swaying,
Rejoices arcs of movement
She welcomes us,
she becomes us,
she becomes me.
I stand away and sway.

Water break out of streams
Of dancing, grass-green reeds and rushes; 
Rushes rushing toward blossoms, rejoicing,
I stand away in silence.

She welcomes me, circles me and whispers
”Anew heart also will I give you, 
A new spirit will I put within you, 
I will take the stony heart out
I will give you a heart of flash, 
Blood and blossoms.“

I place my heart unto her hand, 
She split the stone away, wide away.
Be glad for them O wilderness,
She stand up to rejoice;
I stand up 
We dance and sway and cry and laugh.

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