Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy fall!

Hi folks: Well, we've made it through summer! Fall is now officaily here! Soon the "Ha-ha"days are coming up! Thanksgiving turkey anyone? Caroling?  Here's what's happening this time:

1. The Art Bar Poetry Series takes place every Tuesday at 8 pm
at Pauper's Pub (second floor), 539 Bloor Street West Buffalo,NY(Bathurst Subway)
Free admission, but we pass the hat for donations.
Click for info:

2. On Monday night, October 8th we are having a very special Moonday West reading, as we will have achieved our tenth year. We began in 2002 as a modest reading in Seattle's Best in Santa Monica, continued on at Village Books in the Palisades, survived the death of the beloved bookstore and moved forward proudly (and a little sadly) at a beautiful chapel/reading space  just down the street. It has been no mean feat to  keep a reading going this long, especially with the quality and care that are known to Moonday.We are planning a celebration at our regular reading at Aldersgate/Buerge Chapel and this is the first announcement. First of all we have two wonderful features, Peter Serchuk, recently on Writer's Almanac, and Ruth Thompson, brilliant 
seasoned poet, who hails from New York and Hawaii. And we are giving a little extra time in the open reading to R.G. Cantalupowho was one of the founding members of Moonday...and that's a whole story in itself.
Date: October 8th, 2012 Time: 7:30 pmPST
Location: Aldersgate Retreat House in the Buerge Chapel: 925 Haverford Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Open Reading?  Yes. Email to beat the crowd.

3. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!Autonomous Individuals Network announces
a collection ov 23 Second audio tracks  submitted by members ; allies ov AIN23 ; thee 23rd Current for an Autonomous exploration into the Cut Up Method.
(to be released as an audio cut up collage compiled for download & limited edtion CD) SUBMISSIONS FOR VOL. 5 will begin JULY 23, 2012 
Tracks can be sent via Email to: 23SOT @ Tracks can be sent by postal means if needed to:
23SOT c/o AIN23
Station West
PO BOX 163138
Sacramento, CA 95816
any questions can be sent to the same Email address listed above

4. Annie's Book Stop in Worcester, Massachusetts
65 James Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01603
Help us launch our monthly word-performance feature with the triumphant return of The Worcester Storytellers. Join us to hear Dave Macpherson, founder of the Worcester Storytellers, feature at the re-launch of the series. Don't forget to bring a story (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose) to share with the crowd during the Open Mic at the beginning of the reading (your own or someone else's work is quite fine).More information can be found at

Not quite as busy as Last time but still some good stuff huh?  Things have slowed down a little for me and I was actually able to get some sleep last night !   So , I'm going to try and write a poem for you this time. It may not be my best work ever and for that my apologies. However, I do think you'l like it! Remember, If you'd like to join Ilana Haley, Kitty Jospe and the other guest poets who have contributed to this blog just send me an e-mail and I'm happy to talk about it! for quick reference the e-mail address for that is: Now here's the poem:

By " Laughing" Larry B.

They come in bags now.
and more! 

Just like people 
the varieties are endless 
with shapes and textures to please any palate.
However, some nuts are not left whole.
we grind them into a paste
and spread them on toast
like so many children throughout the world 
They are conditioned by their cultures to conform to beliefs that
may not let them experience the world.

On the other hand,
a form of peanut butter called "plumpynut" 
has been known to save the lives of thousands of young children suffering from
starvation and related diseases.

Like the diamond being shaped by the pressure of time these ground nuts are precious jewels
that actually become more valuable than anything.

Sounds crazy doesn't it?

But then again those nuts would be another poem! 

Sorry if you don't like it ! I warned you it may not be my best work.  but if you did  enjoy the poem here are the links to my collection Instant poetry (Just add words!) Third edition: 
You can get signed copies directly from me  for $15.00 (includes S&H charges)
 Send your check or money order to:

Skysaje Enterprise
50 Amesbury Rd
Rochester, NY 14623 

you can also order unsigned copies "off the shelf" from the publisher at: 

From Barnes and Noble at:;store=allproduc

or from   Amazon also has signed copies avalible for $53.65 as well as the "Off the shelf books.  Here's the link:

see you next time! 

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