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I guess what they say is true , When It rains It pours but This May Not Mean What You Might Think. . View this post if you want to understand why I say that.

Hi  folks: a few more things specific to ME this time okay? Sorry about this but you just might find some of this info useful for yourself too. Read on to understand more:
And now on to answer the questions of why I titled this post the way I did and the greeting for it as well. ready, okay.  Here were go:

1. I was just officaly granted a listing in the Poets and Writers Directory on  Tuesday, May, 14 2013 as of 9:00 a.m.  On Thursday May 16th 2013  this listing will be considered complete and usable This makes me actually eligible for work as a Nationally Renowned Poet for the first time. YAY! Please check it out at : and let me know if you might be interested in talking more about hiring me.

2. As you may notice from the listing I  received notice that I was officaly accepted  by the Covington Who's Who directory for a lifetime listing  in the publication  starting with the 2013 edition as of May 8th 2013. since the listing came with 12 executive training sessions  and a free trip for a Mexican vacation at any time I should choose to use either of them between the time they were received and the time I drop dead Based on this,  I truly believe  this to be the "official"  Who's Who Directory everyone wants to be in.  Some disagree, but to me I'm no longer sure it matter. I have already confirmed that I am the first and only member of the Artist Breakfast  Group  in its 25 year history to date to receive such a listing  and I have also confirmed with Mr. Steve Huff who is currently the director of adult programming for the Writer's and Books Foundation, the publisher of Tiger Bark Press  and the former managing editor of BOA Editions and is widely accepted as the foremost literary historian in the region outside of the colleges at RIT  and the U Of R and may have worked for these librarys as well himself in the past.  Mr. Huff has informed me that the only other poet in the area  to ever receive a Who's Who Listing was W D Snodgrass who apparently has already passed on.
 making me THE ONLY LIVING ROCHESTER, NY AREA POET TO EVER RECEIVE A LISTING IN WHO WHO AND I DID IT BEFORE MY POETS AND WRITERS DIRECTORY LISTING HAD BEEN APPROVED!  Now there are those who may not believe  that the covington version is in fact the "official" Who's Who Directory, and I am having that investigated by those in a better position to do so than I and if the results of that investigation show that this is in fact not the official version  I will adjust the PWDL listing and make other actions accordingly . But until then, as I stated earlier I believe that it is and I'll let you answer this one for yourselves  too.  Based on the other information I've listed here , would it really matter to you either?

3. I have been given the chance to put some of my books into the American Library Association Confrance in Chicago, IL  which is scheduled to run from 6/ 28/2013 through /7/5/2013. based on this I have also been given the opportunity to bring the writers I work with along and have been given the opportunity to include up to 7 titles in the listing. Currently I have three of my own titles that are in fact eligible and I have invited Christian Poet, Cindy Blair to join me on this listing and she has agreed to do so.   I have also been given the opportunity to include up to 3 additional  titles in my next listing which is scheduled to be in September of 2013 for the New York Library Associations conference in Niagara Falls, NY. Since this is Much closer  to our base in Rochester, NY both Ms. Blair and I have made intentions to attend this one if we can. However, this means that since I'm only aloud one badge for a writer other than myself for this conference and since Cindy did join me in the first conference as well  I feel she deserves "First Chance"  to join me in attending that one as well and will only consider  another writer in the event that she is unable to make arrangements to be able to join me in attending till after July 31, 2013  . Sorry Cindy! But as you know the deadline I've been given to get in is 9/1/13 and if I go passed July 31 with you I might not have enough time to arnage to bring anyone else if you can't go. I hope you understand.  However,  since I have become friendly with the folks involved and this opportunity was based on a referral from another friend I cannot in good conscious  let anyone join us in the listing. Unless, I either know their work well  or personally approve the book myself which under the rule of Fair Buisnes Practices  means I have to charge for doing so just as I would if I was evaluating someone to qualify for any other event I might deal with. So here's how you get in:

If we have been directly in workshops for the last 4 years that meet at  least monthly and been work shopping a piece for the purposes of publication the fee is $25. If you are brand new  to me the fee is  $45  plus a minimum one hour consultation at $75 per HOUR  to determine if you can use my  other services as well. If your a friend from my days in LA,CA the fee is $3 puls whatever it cost  to send me a copy for the evaluation and a guaranteed promise that you will let me list you on either my Web Site or new A-store.  If you' re already listed as a Reader of this blog  or already included on either the A store list or the Web Site then don't worry about it because you've already been evaluated and considered eligible.  Just let me know if you want to come as one of the three with me or talk to them about getting in on your own and I'll get you in accordingly.  Please use the contact info listed on the Poets and Writer's Director Listing or the Web Link at the end of this post to get in touch on this.

4. In case you missed it, I did open a new affiliate store on Here is the link:

These are books and CDs under the following catagaories:

My Stuff: Well, it is!

My Clients Stuff: current former and future if you get ready to do it  in our work together I will list your products here and help you sell them as long as let's me keep  this affiliate store open and Available

Poetic Mentors:  Obvious
 Even more  Poetic Mentors Ditto.

And here's the other side of my poetic business: Listings for business:  Sales, Motivation , Self Help and other catagaories that many may consider don't have any thing to do with poetry but I happen to know better from experiance. After all, the only other poet from the Rochester, NY  to earn a Who's Who directory listing was  apparently W. D. Snodgrass who as mentioned  is currently dead and unfortuantly as a poet at the time he most likely died poor. These books are an attempt to help change that so that while I may be the first poet since Snodgrass to get listed, I'm hoping I won't stay the ONLY poet to get so listed all that much longer!  Enough said.

New catagaories I'm looking to create". I did say products not books or CD's right? "  In addition to these items I'm apparently eligible to list any and everything else might sell too. right now I'm looking at : Jewelry, Videos  Accessories and Clothing but will consider other items if I can get them listed. Books and CD  's are tracked with ISBN numbers on the site, I've been told jewelry is tracked with something called a UPC code which is apparently the ISBN equivalent for the industry. I have no clue how the other items are tracked but I figure you're in that business yourself and you should know what you need to do to get your products licensed for affiliated sales.  I'm thinking  that since jewelry is also sometimes classified as an accessory that items in this category Might be tracked by UPC  code too.  I'm not sure. Anyone interested in getting listed under this category and seeing if it works?  Let's talk okay?

 Whew! I limited it to 6  to be sure to not go to long. I think for that reason, this post is just about finished. Just one more thing. I'm a member of the RPCN Library committee and as such I've been asked to help sell a few of their old books to help raise funds to purchase new ones. Possibly including some that I've listed in my new amazon affiliate store.  Based on this I'd decided to list a few books out of the library of Skysaje Enterprise as well. If you would  like a list of what I have or what else might be available for sale through the RCPCN Library of maybe get me to help you sell a few things from your own library  or one of your organizations just get in touch and I'l help however I can and under the terms we arrange, okay?  Here's that link to the Web site I promised you: http//:

See you next time!

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