Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Think It Went Well Last Time! Let's Do It Again!

Hi folks: based on feedback I've received I'll try my best to make sure these posts contain info you can actually use! Here we go:

1. Jessica Wilson invites you all to come down to Writer Wednesdays Open Mic in North Hollywood! 6 mins at the's all yours. Enjoy an evening experiencing the creative community! :) 7-9 P M each Wednesday at Bob's Espresso Bar! 5251 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91601

check this out!

check this out too okay? 

4. Mark your Calendars!  I'm doing my first official booking after getting my Poets & Writers Directory Listing at the Genesse Reading series at Writers and Books on July 9th 2013 show starts at 7:30 . My co- feature is the incomparable Marie Star! What else do you need to know ?  The address is 740 University Ave. Rochester ,NY  ( 585) 473- 2950 $3 if you are a W&B member $6 if you're not. DON'T MISS THIS ONE, IF THERE IS ANY CHANCE YOU'LL BE IN TOWN! MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW!

5. Affiliate marketing DOES ACTUALLY WORK!  So far  I've had 1 purchase through my new a store and gotten $.60 worth of credit!  Here's the link again to see if we can get more this post!

6.  Visit for more info. 

YAY! I think this will most likely be the shortest and most effective post on this blog yet! It's not  my opinion that matters: what I'm looking for is YOURS!   Please leave your comments or drop me a line at and let me know what YOU think I'm doing RIGHT and where I can improve. An old poetry host friend of mine used to end his readings with this " If you enjoyed yourself tonight , come back and help us do it again.  If not , then PLEASE come back and help us make it better next time!"  Let's try the same here with this blog, okay?  Thanks! 

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