Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's talk!

Hi folks: I got a lot of good feedback on last weeks poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! This week I'm posting another Poem for your enjoyment. If you like it please post your comments. if you don't like it please post your comments. If you love it buy a copy of the CD. You can always look at archived posts or e-me for purchasing details. Or if you just happen to be in Brockport, NY stop by Lift bridge book store( 45 east main street, Brockport ,NY) and ask for Joe Hoffman and tell him you'd like a copy of Dragon's Dance volume 1By Lawrence Berger and he'll be glad to help you out. Now here 's the poem :


Harken my friends come gather near
for I have a tale you might wish to hear
It begins on a night many eons ago
come close and I'll tell it . Are you ready?
Alright now here we go!
This tale takes place in the land where
the dragons dwell. Some say its the highest of heavens,
others the very lowest pit of hell.
This land is ruled by the dragon king
he goes by many names:
god, source , the eternal everything.
His queen was joy and her Majesty soared
but on this night in pain she roared
for their children had been bound by destiny
to kill their mother, at least temporarily.
there children too are known by many names:
anger, disease , poverty, hate and other games.
Anyway, upon hearing the cries of his lady true
swiftly to the scene our Dragon king flew
and seeing what his children had wrought
he knew that a lesson needed be taught
and in his efforts to make this plain he didst cause their twins
to become chained . And to heap more onto this injury
'twas given to man to hold the key.
Now this didst cause amongst that dragon brood
a quite profound change of mood. As of the dawn of the next bright morn
four new schools of thought had formed:
First came those who were pious and good, next came those who had clearly misunderstood.
next came those who thought the judgement was riotous and fair, lastly came those who flat out did not care. And now dear friends this tale's been told but if i may be so bold I'd like to share one last thought with you . for to you their key has been given too. for all who wish to truly be free must forever face the twin dragons of Crisis and Opportunity.

(c) Lawrence R. Berger

Yes you caught me. this IS the title cut from the CD. enjoy SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!

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