Friday, July 18, 2008

a new poem

Hi folks : Here's a new poem for you:

Diana's Dawn :

History records not accurately the fall of Olympus. Yet, if you search the writing on the walls of this temple the true record can be found there. For 'twas to be the hour of victory for the Titans! Lord Kronos had dealt his son Zeus a mortal blow, Cerberus had been called from Hades to serve his true master and had Apollo at bay. There was however one more warrior present . though as a mere Goddess she was considered insignificant and just plain not worth the bother.

Diana was free to act and so act she did:
Arching her bow to form the crescent moon
she let fly a message arrow into the great ocean
requesting aid from her uncle Poseidon.

As it happened the arrow
struck Ocean full in the chest
and allowed Poseidon to win his battle for the sea.

So of course he granted her request
and called forth warriors from the world of men.
now these warriors where not armed with spear or lance
bow or quiver, sword nor shield or other accoutrement's fit for battle in the world of men.

No , they came armed for battle with the gods
for the were armed with brush and with Quill, with ink and Vellum,
with the music of the Lyre and all the colors of the Rainbow!

And with these they captured the god of time and forced him back into the blow meant for his son. Zeus then cast his bolt , opening Tartarus and carrying the day.
Ever since these Warriors have been mistakenly called the children of Apollo
for in the end 'twas his rays which brought Cerberus to heal and gave the warriors their opening.

But as the gods drank that first cup of Ambrosia on the next bright morn
Zeus himself heralded the bright new day as Diana's Dawn.

(c) 1999 Lawrence R. Berger

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