Friday, July 4, 2008

poem #1 the meek shall inherit the earth but not the mineral rights!

In the bible, we're taught that the meek shall inherit the earth.
That human beings were created in the image of god and given dominion
over the rest of creation.

We're also taught that shortly there after
Along comes old Mr. Satan and he steals it all away.

Now this has prompted a lot of my friends into thinking that maybe that first lesson aught
be changed. To read something along the lines of the meek shall inherit the earth but only what's left after those who hustle.

I have got to say that that would be fine with me!
I'd gladly let the hustlers keep all the cancer,
the ulcers, the stress and the greed!

I for one would be very glad to take the pleasure of watching a sunrise
right off their hands! I say let the hustlers keep the psychiatrist couches
and the operating tables.
I'll gladly "settle" for a life of peace and harmony.
Let the hustlers keep the mineral rights.
I 'll keep my sanity thank you.


Darth Teacher said...

Hey Larry!

Beautiful design to the site and a good start. I will check on your progress...vincent f. a. golphin

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Rochester Poets said...

Nice site Larry. One of my favorites of yours. Spread the word on the Rochester Poets picnic on Saturday, July 19. ~Frank