Sunday, November 11, 2012

(A dream memory)

A siren wails.
I awoke with a start, trembling, 
surrounded by people,
alone, watching, waiting,
I wrap my arms around myself, 

People shift around and about:
cloudy marionettes in 
a neon-lit madness. 
I close my eyes
burdened by memories,
writing thoughts 
indelibly seared in my mind,
shifting backward in time.

My eyes remain still, closed. 
Where am I going?
Where am I?
Lady, the marionette?
Mesmerized I slowly remember –
Adam... Adam...
please, come back. 
I love...

I remember now:
I am walking in my 
Mother’s garden...

I shall not worry.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Such a vivid dream poem. I've had some dreams that haunted me for days, yet I never wrote most of them down. They are such fodder for poems, since so many times they don't make sense, even after written down. Your dream is a combination of emotions and I enjoyed reading it.