Sunday, November 11, 2012



Trapped inside the prison walls
that used to be his mind,
the brilliant man he used to be 
departed far behind.
There still are times he's quite alert;
his memory returns.  On other days 
he's lost inside the void that is his brain.
He is unable to take care of many 
intimate chores.  He must not be alone
for days; his safety must be assured. 
So he was taken to a home, 
where he might (so they hoped) 
regain his thought.
He had good days, when he recognized
his children and his wife,
was grateful for their company;
his brain could see dimmed light.
To most of his family and friends
it’s painful to watch him like this.
He was such a brilliant man, and now,
all they could do was pretend to love; 
and then he took his life.
© Ilana

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Michelle said...

I remember this situation at the end of my Mother's life. Unfortunately, I was not near her when she died, but Alzheimer's stole her brain and she died of many complications. It is a difficult time for all involved and your words touch me now, as I was saddened then to be losing her, and it didn't matter that I'm an adult.