Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More stuff for the ha-ha days

More stuff for the Ha-Ha days:

1. Charlie Zahn is giving a house concert
Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 7:30 PM 
House Concert in New Jersey!Cabin in the Woods House Concert  Pitman, NJ
These concerts feature a variety of acoustic music I bring, in a beautiful and large cabin owned by friends who open their doors to those who love this music. You are invited to come, just contact first! 
Email: email:

2. We're still accepting entries for the 2013 River Styx Schlafly Beer Micro-fiction Contest for stories of up to 500 words in length. The first place winner receives $1500 and a case of micro-brewed Schlafly beer. The $20 entry fee covers up to three micro-fiction stories and also includes a year's subscription to River Styx. And for the first time ever, we're accepting online contest submissions via Submittable as well as by mail. 
Visit for complete guidelines, but make sure to do it before the December 31, 2012, deadline.

3. Association of Writer's & Writing programs annual convention. Receive a 15% discount if you register before 1/23/13

4. The Creative Wellness Center of the Rochester Mental health Association is having a " Wellness Day" on January 18th 2013 320 North Goodman St. Rochester, NY (585) 325-3145 x 100 for details. 

5.  "Laughing" Larry's Ha-Ha day feature: Gallery One Fine Arts studio  2575 East Henrietta road . Rochester, NY 14623 (behind Suburban Liquor, next to the Beers of the World Plaza) event starts at 8 p.m.and goes til...  as part of the Flowetic Rhytms series. $5 cover. includes light refreshments. for more info call the Gallery at  585-230-1081. Family friendly open mic follows.  

6. cruies start January 18th. check it out! 

Whew! Lots of stuff going on ! Don't forget Books make great Gifts! 

The Green Lantern : A guide to achieving the American dream  Volume 2 How to survive in a modern economy ( Even on a poets income!)  "Laughing" Larry Berger's self help guide  containing 36 suggestions on how to get along during the current economic situation. Not yet available in stores and can  only be ordered from out offices $25.00 per copy, each suggestion is designed to help you save $200 so it WILL PAY FOR ITSELF! 
Credit card payments can be made via send to on Pay Pal .

Entitlement: Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) volume 2. : The second book in the Instant Poetry (Just Add Words!) series . 80 pages of "Laughing" Larry Berger's poetry transcribed from his improvisational poetry performances. Not yet available in stores and can only be ordered through our offices. $20 per copy, makes a great gift!  to order by credit card. Send your payment to at    

You can also send your check or money order to our offices at :

Skysaje Enterprise
50 Amesbury Rd.
Rochester, NY 

Instant Poetry (just add words! ) ISBN #978-1-4502-5552-3 "Laughing" Larry Berger's first collection of poetry, 44 pages of poem transcribed from his improvisational performance poetry readings.Signed copies are available through our offices for $15.00each and the book itself is available for $8.95 from your local bookselfer or from these online outlets :

and again signed copies are available from our offices. use your credit card by sending payment to at   send your check or money order to the address above. 

One last thing , " Laughing" Larry Berger is available for readings, seminars and trainings.  Send an e-mail to for more info.

see you next time! 

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